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  No country ignites the Western imagination as Brazildoes. For hundreds of years it has symbolized aprimordial, tropical paradise. From the mad passionof Carnival2 to the vastness of the dark Amazon3 ,Brazil is a country of mythical proportions.

  Roughly the size of the US ( excluding Alaska) ,Brazil is a huge country encompassing nearly half ofSouth America , and bordering on most of the continent’s other nations — Ecuador and Chileare the exceptions. After 40 years of internal migration and population growth, Brazil is alsoan urban country; four out of every five Brazilians live in a city. Sao Paulo, with more than 17million inhabitants, is the world’s second most populous city. Brazil’s population is clusteredalong the Atlantic coast, and much of the country, including the massive Amazon Basin,remains scarcely populated and hard to access.

  For most, the Brazilian journey begins in Rio de Janeiro4. One of the world’s great cities, Riohas developed a highly advanced culture of pleasure. It revolves around the famous beaches ofCopacabana, and is fueled by the music of samba 5 and the athleticism of soccer. Thishedonism reaches its climax every February or March, during the Carnival — five days ofrevelry, unrivaled by any other party on the globe. Rio de Janeiro state is blessed with some ofthe country’s best beaches. Inland, the coastal mountains rise rapidly from lush, green,tropical forest, culminating in spectacular peaks. The mountains are punctuated by nationalparks where you can enjoy Brazil’s best hiking and climbing.

  The Amazon jungles are the world’s largest tropical rainforest, fed by the world’s largest river,and home to the richest and most diverse ecosystem on earth — a nature lover’s ultimatefantasy! Though threatened by rapid deforestation, the rainforest still offers years ofexploration for the adventurous traveler.

  Wherever you go in Brazil, you’ll see Brazilians at their beaches playing. The beach is thenational passion. Fortunately, with over 8, 000 km of coastline, there are an incrediblenumber of superb beaches, so you should have little problem finding your own tropicalhideaway.

  Brazil may not be the paradise on Earth that many travelers once imagined, but it is a land ofoften unimaginable beauty. There are still stretches of unexplored rainforest, islands withpristine tropical beaches, and endless rivers. And there are the people themselves, whodelight the visitor with their energy, fantasy and joy.


  Ⅰ. Fill in the blanks with proper prepositions:

  1. His words bordered_______ rudeness.

  2. The feminine talk revolved mostly_______ clothes, bargains and small scandals.

  3. He is blessed_______ good health.

  4. The science fair culminated _______ the awarding of prizes.

  5. He delighted the audience_______ his performance.

  Ⅱ. Answer the question in your own words :

  Why is Rio de Janeiro so attractive to travelers?


  Ⅰ. 1. on 2 . around 3. with 4. in 5 . with

  Ⅱ. Because it has developed a highly advancedculture of pleasure , with beautiful beaches, samba ,soccer, annual carnivals and national parks.



  世界上没有哪一个国家能像巴西那样激发整个西方世界的想象力。数百年来, 巴西象 征着原始的热带天堂。从狂欢节上人们狂放的激情到深色亚马逊河浩瀚的领域, 巴西是一 个神话般的国度。

  巴西疆土宽广, 约占南美洲一半的面积, 与美国的面积( 不包括阿拉斯加) 大致相同。 除厄瓜多尔和智利之外, 巴西与南美其他国家皆有接壤。通过40 年国内人口的迁徙和增 长, 巴西现在已发展成为一个城市化国家。每5 个巴西人中就有4 个生活在城市里。巴西 的圣保罗市有一千七百多万居民, 是世界上人口密度第二大的城市。巴西的人口集中在大 西洋沿岸, 而这个国家的大部分国土上仍然人烟稀少, 难以接近, 其中就包括浩瀚的亚马逊 河流域。

  对于大多数人来说, 巴西之旅应从里约热内卢开始。作为一个世界性的大城市, 里约 热内卢已孕育出高度发达的享乐文化。这种文化以科帕卡巴那的著名海滩为中心, 并伴以 桑巴舞的音乐和巴西足球。这一享乐在每年的2 月或3 月狂欢节的时候达到高潮, 连续五 天尽情欢乐, 世界上任何一次聚会与之相比都会黯然失色。里约热内卢州拥有巴西一些zui好 的海滩。而在陆地上, 海岸边的高山在茂盛、翠绿的热带森林中骤然而起, 形成了一排排 壮观的山峰。高山之间点缀着一些国家公园, 在这些公园里你可以享受到巴西zui好的徒步 旅行和爬山。

  亚马逊丛林是世界上zui大的热带雨林, 这些丛林受到世界zui大河流的滋养, 具有地球上 最为丰富和最多样化的生态系统, 整个就是大自然热爱者想象中的天堂! 尽管森林受到快速 退化的威胁, 但是这些热带雨林仍然能为喜欢冒险的旅行者提供长时间的探险机会。

  无论你在巴西哪个地方, 你都会看到在海滩上嬉戏的巴西人的身影。海滩是整个巴西 民族的至爱。幸运的是, 在巴西八千多公里的海岸线上, 漂亮海滩的数目之多令人难以想 象, 因此, 要找到一个你自己的热带栖身之处并不是什么难事。

  巴西可能并不是许多旅行者想象中的那个地球上的天堂, 但巴西却具有令人难以想象 的美景。这里仍有大片未经勘探的雨林、拥有原始热带海滩的岛屿以及无数条河流。还有 巴西人民, 他们的活力、想象力和欢乐给参观者带来了无尽的快乐。



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