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  1.____native to North America, corn has now spread all over the world.

  A. In spite of B. That it is C. It was D. Although

  2. Our civilization cannot be thought of as____in a short period of time.

  A. to have been created B. to be created  C. having been created D. being created

  3. We feel it is high time that the Government ____something to check the inflation.

  A. did B. do C.should do D. would do

  4. It has been proposed that we____our decision until the next meeting.

  A.delayed B.delay C. can delay D. are to delay

  5. Hurricanes are severe cyclones with winds over seventy five miles an

  hour ____originate over tropical ocean waters.

  A. which B. who C. where D.how to

  6.____is announced in the papers, our country has launched a large scale movement against smuggling and fraudulent activities in foreign currency exchange deals.

  A. What B. As C. Which D. That

  7. All the flights____because of the snowstorm, we had to take the train instead.

  A.were canceled B. had been canceled  C. having canceled D. having been canceled

  8. Once ____, this power station will supply all the neighboring towns and villages with electricity.

  A. it being completed B. it completed   C. completed D. it completes

  9. He might have been killed ____the timely arrival of the ambulance.

  10. If you have never planted anything, you won’t be able to know the pleasure of watching the thing you have planted ____.

  A.grow B. to grow  C. growing D. to be growing

  11. He did me a ____turn by lending me ten pounds.

  A. good B. nice C. fine D. pretty

  12. Once our chickens started laying eggs, we had such a ____of eggs that we were giving many away to our neighbors.

  A. output B. surplus C. production D. plenty

  13. Following are comments about the behavior that people in Korea usually expect in various social ____.

  A. occasions B. cases C.situations D. circumstances

  14. They have considered their high standard of living a(n)____for practising their basic beliefs.

  A. award B. reward C. result D. consequence

  15. Mac’s close____to his brother made people mistake them for one another.

  A. resemblance B. identity  C. appearance D. relationship

  16. The thieves____the waste paper all over the room while they were searching for the diamond ring.

  A. spread B. scratched C.scattered D. burned

  17. The sight of the fruit salad made our daughter Kit’s mouth ____.

  A. wet B. water C. soak D. taste

  18. The____problem of bring a space ship back from the moon has been solved.

  A. technical B. technological C. technique D. technology

  19. A large part of a person’s memory is____words and combination of words.

  A.by means of B. in terms of   C. in connection with D. by way of

  20. At her word she stood up and walked away, stopping at the window to pull back the curtain and ____.

  A.look round B. look out C. look up D. look on


  1. D) 【句意】玉米虽原产于北美洲,但现在已遍及全世界。

  【难点】四个选项中,B)和C)不合理。A)项的in spite of 是复合介词,后接名词。D)项的although是连词,后接从句,在本句中接的是一个省略主语的从句。

  2. C) 【句意】不应把我们的文明看作是短期内创造出来的。

  【难点】as 在这里是介词,后面应接名词性质的词,create的动作是过去发生的,所以选C)。

  3. A) 【句意】我们认为该到政府采取措施抑制通货膨胀的时候了。

  【难点】it is high time that后面接虚拟语气,时态用一般过去时,意为“该到…时候了”。

  4. B) 【句意】有人建议我们应将我们的决定推迟到下次会议作出。

  【难点】在suggest, propose, demand ,insist 等动词后面的宾语从句中,应使用(should)+动词原形的虚拟语气。

  5. A) 【句意】飓风是生成于热带海洋水域上空、风速达每小时75英里以上的强烈气旋。


  6. B)【句意】正如报界所宣传的那样,我国已发起大规模反走私和反欺诈性外币交易的运动。

  【难点】as在这里是一个代词,常用在类似as is well known这样的句子中,意为“这一点”。

  7. D) 【句意】所有航班因暴风雪都被取消,我们不得不改乘火车。


  8. C) 【句意】这座电站一建成竣工,就将向周围城乡供电。

  【难点】once在这里是连词,意为“一旦…就…”,后面省略了it is。[ZK)]

  9. A) 【句意】要不是救护车及时到达,他可能就没命了。

  【难点】but for 意为“要不是”,它的典型使用就是在虚拟语气的句子中,所以正合题意。

  10. A)【句意】如果你从未种植过任何东西,你就不会明白观察你种植的东西生长所带来的快乐。

  【难点】watch 后接不带to的不定式作宾语补足语。

  11. A) 【句意】他借给我十英磅,算是给我做了件好事。

  【难点】当turn为“行为,举止”时,常与good,bad,ill,evil连用。do sb. a good turn意为“做利于某人的事”。

  12. B) 【句意】我们的鸡开始下蛋后,我们便把剩余的鸡蛋送给邻居。

  【难点】surplus 意为“过剩,剩余”;output 意为“产量”;production意为“生产”;plenty意为“丰富,大量”。

  13. A) 【句意】下列是有关韩国人在不同的社交场合可能有的行为的评论。

  【难点】occasion意为“场合,节庆活动”;case 意为“事实;情况”;situation意为“情况;处理”;circumstance意为“环境;形势”。

  14. B) 【句意】他们认为自己的高生活水准是对实施基本信仰的一种报偿。

  【难点】reward意为“报答;奖赏”;award意为“奖;奖品”;result 意为“结果”;consequence意为“后果”。

  15. A) 【句意】麦克和弟弟长得十分相像,人们常常把他们俩认错。

  【难点】这四个名词中resemblance后面可接介词to,表示“与相似”。relationship后面接to 时意为“和…的关系”。

  16. C) 【句意】小偷找钻戒的时候,把废纸撒落得满屋都是。


  17. B) 【句意】我女儿凯蒂一看见水果色拉就流口水。

  【难点】 wet 意为“湿的”;water意为“流口水”;soak意为“浸湿”;taste意为“品尝”。

  18. A) 【句意】使宇宙飞船从月球上返航的技术问题已被technical意为“技术的,技能的”;technological 意为“技术学的,工艺学的”;technique意为“技术,技能”,是名词;technology意为“技术(学),工艺(学)”,也是名词。

  19. B) 【句意】一个人的大部分记忆是用词和词的组合进行的。

  【难点】in terms of 意为“用…的话,以…措辞”;by means of意为“借着”;inconnection with 意为“与…相关联,关于”;by way of “经过…,经由…”。

  20. B) 【句意】听了她的话,她站起身,走开了,然后停在窗前,拉开窗帘,向外眺望。

  【难点】look out意为“向外看”;look around意为“环顾”;look up意为“抬头望,查检”;look on意为“旁观”。




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