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  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 mimites to write an essay based on the chart below. You should start your essay with a brief description of the chart and comment on China5 s achievements in poverty alleviation. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

  The bar chart above explicitly demonstrates the great achieve­ments China has made in poverty alleviation. In 2012, there are over 80 million rural people in poverty, which takes up almost 10% of the rural population. However, the following nine years witness the continuous decline in this figure, and in 2020, all the Chinese rural people are alleviated from poverty.

  The achievements, however, can not be completely reflected by this figure. Firstly, Chinese rural people have become in­creasingly wealthier. More families possess their own automo­biles, more rural people have access to high-tech devices, and their living conditions have also improved markedly. Moreover, the literate rate of rural population has greatly increased, too. Primary schools are so popular in rural area that almost every child can receive education, which will surely in turn propel the development of rural areas in the future. Besides, more rural people go to bigger cities to realize their Chinese dreams, and they have contributed a lot to the prosperity of our great coun­try.

  In all, China5 s achievements in alleviating poverty have at­tracted worldwide attention. I am very proud of being a Chi­nese citizen, and I believe our great country will become better, stronger, and more beautiful.

Part III
Reading Comprehension (40minutes)
Section A
Directions:in this setion, there is apassage wtih ten banks. You are required to select one words for each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage.Read the passage through carefully before making your choices.Each choices in the bank is identified by a letter.Plaease mark the corresponding letter for each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.You may not use any of the words in the bank more than once.

  I'm always baffled when I walk into a pharmacy and see shelves bursting with various vitamins ,extracts and other supplements ,all promising to accelerate or promote weight loss .Aisles of marketing genius belie(掩饰)the fact that, ____26____, weight loss is dictated by the laws of artithmetic. Economistes Jessica Trcine wrote a book about how she used math to help her lose more than 18 kilograms.If calrics taken in are less than calories ____27____, weight shall be lost, and so it is with money .

 Despite the ___28___of financial products, service and solutions geared towards accumulateing wealth, it all begins with the same __29___:getting ahead financially requires a reduction of spengding,so that income is greater than expenses,i was reminded of this again recently listenning to an interview with nicole haddow the author of samshed avocado,explaining how she cracked the property market at 31, it was quite a ____30____,given where she had been two years carlier.

  Nicole didn't celebrate her 30th birthday as she had_31.She was sobbing at the diner table with her parens, wth whom she had just moved back in.She had no stable income S12000 in credi-card debt and no pan, but to her_32, her father, an accountant told her that her financial 33_wasn't as badasshe thought. He said, on her income, with some changes, she would be able to buy an investment unit within two years, which she did.

  Nicole admitted she was fortunate, as she was able to live with her parents and 34 her spending-and life- to get herself on track financally. Creating a gap between her income and spending required a paradigm shift and 35 sacrifice and commitment but by going into financial lockdown, Nicole gained f nancial independence .

   A) abundance I) impetus

  B) astonishment J) overhaul

C) entailed K) permanently

D) envisaged L) plight

E) equation M) prosper

F) expended N) shatter

G) feat 0) ultimately

H) fiscally


  At 43, I've reached the stage where women are warned to watch out for the creeping...

  26 .H) fragility

  27 .E) diminished

  28 .J) obscurity

  29 .B) authentic

  30 30.0) suppress

  31 31 .F) drowned

  32 .M) purchasable

  33 .G) embark

  34 .A) adversity

  35 .D) depictions


  What Are the Ethics of CGI Actors-And Will They Replace Real Ones?

  36 .[G] Legally, a person's rights to control the commercial use of their name and image beyond their death differ between and even within countries.

  37 .[C] The James Dean film is a way to keep the actor's image relevant for younger generations, says Mark Roesler of CMG Worldwide, the firm that represents Dean's estate.

  38 .[J] This refers to the idea that when objects trying to re­semble humans aren,t quite perfect, they can make viewers feel uneasy because they fall somewhere between obviously non-human and fully human.

  39 .[A] Digital humans are coming to a screen near you.

  40 .[F] A hidden hazard of digitally recreating a deceased (已故 的)celebrity is the risk of damaging their legacy.

  41 .[L] Webber expects that we will see more digital humans on screen.

  42 .[B] Late in 2019, it was announced that US actor James Dean, who died in 1955, will star in a Vietnam War film sched­uled for release later this year.

  43 .[H] A recreation, however lifelike, will never be indistin­guishable from a real actor, says Webber.

  44 .[E] Now, a person can be animated from scratch.

  45 .[l] As it becomes easier to digitally recreate celebrities and to entirely manufacture on-screen identities,could this kind of technology put actors out of jobs?


  We often think of drawing as something that takes inborn talent, but this kind of thinking stems from our misclassification of drawing as, primarily, an art form rather than a tool for learning.

  Researchers, teachers, and artists are starting to see how drawing can positively impact a wide variety of skills and disciplines.

  Most of us have spent some time drawing before, but at some point, most of us stop drawing. There are people who don't, obviously, and thank god for that: a world without designers and artists would be a very shabby one indeed.

  Some argue that so many adults have abandoned drawing because we've miscategorized it and given it a very narrow definition. In his book, Stick Figures: Drawing as a Human Practice, Professor D.B. Dowd argues that "We have misfiled the significance of drawing because we see it as a professional skill instead of a personal capacity. We mistakenly think of "good" drawings as those which work as recreations of the real world, as realistic illusions. Rather, drawing should be recategorized as a symbolic tool.

  Human beings have been drawing for 73,000 years. It's part of what it means to be human. We don't have the strength of chimpanzees(大猩猩) because we've given up animal strength to manipulate subtle instruments, like hammers, spears, and — later — pens and pencils. The human hand is an extremely dense network of nerve endings. In many ways, human beings are built to draw.

  Some researchers argue that doodling(涂画) activates the brain's so-called default circuit — essentially, the areas of the brain responsible for maintaining a baseline level of activity in the absence of other stimuli. Because of this, some believe that doodling during a boring lecture can help students pay attention. In one study, participants were asked to listen to a list of names while either doodling or sitting still. Those who remembered 29 percent more of the names than those who did not.

  There's also evidence that drawing talent is based on how accurately someone perceives the world. The human visual system tends to misjudge size, shape, color, and angles but artists perceive these qualities more accurately than non-artists. Cultivating drawing talent can become an essential tool to improve people's observational skills in fields where the visual is important.

  Rather than think of drawing as a talent that some creative people are gifted in, we should consider it as a tool for seeing and understanding the world better-one that just so happens to double as an art from. Both absent-minded doodling and copying from life have been shown to positively affect your memory and visual perception ,so complain loudly the next time your school board slashes the art department's budget.

  46.What do people generally think about drawing?

  A) It is a gift creative people are endowed with.

  B) It is a skill that is acquired with practice

  C) It is an art form that is appreciated by all.

  D) It is an ability everyone should cultivate.

  47.What do we learn about designers and artists?

  A) They are declining gradually in number

  B) They are keen on changing shabby surroundings.

  C) They add beauty and charm to the world.

  D) They spend most of their lives drawing.

  48.What does Professor D.B.Dowd argue in his book?

  A) Everybody is born with the capacity to draw.

  B) Drawing is a skill that requires special training

  C) The value of drawing tends to be overestimated

  D) Drawing should be redefined as a realistic illusion.

  49.What have some researchers found from one study about doodling?

  A) It is a must for maintaining a base level of brain activity.

  B) It can turn something boring into something interesting

  C) It is the most reliable stimulant to activate l the brain.

  D) It helps improve concentration and memory.

  50.What is characteristic of people withdrawing talent?

  A) Sensitivity to cognitive stimulation.

  B) Subtlety of representation.

  C) Accuracy in categorization.

  D) Precision in visual perception.


  You can' t see it, smell it, or hear it, and people disagree on how precisely to define it, or where exactly it comes from................

  46. D) It contributes to intellectual growth but can easily be skilled.

  47.B) Cultivation of creativity should permeate the entire school curriculum.

  48.C) Test-oriented teaching.

  49.B) They attach great importance to arts education.

  50 .C) Providing all children with equal access to arts education.

  Emulating your conversation partner5 s actions is a common human behavior classified as “mirroring” and has been............

  51 .C) Imitate their partners' gestures without their knowing it.

  52 .B) When both sides have a lot of things in common.

  53 .A)It encourages people to imitate.

  54 .A)It facilitates the creation of one' s own writing style.

  55 .D) It may do harm as well as good.


  青海是中国西北部的一个省份,平均海拔3000以上,大部分地 区为高山和高原。青海省得名于全国最大的咸水湖青海湖。青 海湖被誉为“中国最美的湖泊”,是最受欢的旅游景点之一, 也是摄影师和艺术家的天堂。

  青海山川壮丽,地大物博。石油和天然气储?丰富,省内许多 城市的经济在石油和天然气工业带动下得到了长足发展。青海 尤以水资源丰宿而闻名,是中国三大河流长江、黄河和澜沧江 的发源地,在中国的水生态中发挥着重要作用。

  Qinghai is a province in northeast China which is dominated by mountains and plateaus and thus is characterized with an amazing average altitude of over 3,000 metres. Qinghai is named after the Qinghai Lake, the largest saltwater lake in China, which is well recognized as the most beautiful lake in China, one of the most popular tourist attractions and the heaven for photographers and other artists.

  Qinghai features grand landscapes, vast territory and rich resources. The abundant reserves in oil and natural gas have contributed to the rapid economic development of many cities in the province. Furthermore, Qinghai serves as the headstream of China' s three major rivers, namely, the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Lancang River, thus building an exceptional reputation in its water resources and playing a significant role in China' s water ecosystem.





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