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  91. But if robots are to reach the next stage of laborsaving utility, they will have to operate with less human supervision and be able to make at least' a few decisions for themselves-goals that pose a real challenge.


  92. But the human mind can glimpse a rapidly changing scene and immediately disregard the 98 percent that is irrelevant, instantaneously focusing on the monkey at the side of a winding forest road or the single suspicious face in a big crowd.


  93. The OECD estimates in its latest Economic Outlook that, if oil prices averaged $22 a barrel for a full year, compared with $13 in 1998, this would increase the oil import bill in rich economies by only 0.25---0.5% of GDP.


  94. One more reason not to lose sleep over the rise in oil prices is that, unlike the rises in the 1970s, it has not occurred against the background of general commodity-price inflation and global excess demand.


  95. Although it ruled that there is no constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide, the Court in effect supported the medical principle of "double effect", a centuries-old moral principle holding that an action having two effects--a good one that is intended and a harmful one that is foreseen--is permissible if the actor intends only the good effect.


  96. Nancy Dubler, director of Montefiore Medical Center, contends that the principle will shield doctors who "until now have very, very strongly insisted that they could not give patients sufficient mediation to control their pain if that might hasten death."

  [参考译文]Nancy Dubler,Montehore医疗中心的主任,认为这一原则将会保护这样一些医生,他们到目前为止还强烈坚持他们不能够给病人足量的镇痛剂来控制他们的疼痛,如果这么做会加速他们的死亡的话。

  97. On another level, many in the medical community acknowledge that the assisted—suicide debate has been fueled in part by the despair of patients for whom modern medicine has prolonged the physical agony of dying.


  98. It identifies the undertreatment of pain and the aggressive use of "ineffectual and forced medical procedures that may prolong and even dishonor the period of dying" as the twin problems of end--of--life care.


  99. In other words, there is a conventional story line in the newsroom culture that provides a backbone and a ready-made narrative structure for otherwise confusing new.


  100. If it did, it would open up its diversity program, now focused narrowly on race and gender, and look for reporters who differ broadly by outlook, values, education, and class.


  101. There is no royal road to science and only those who do not dread the fatiguing climb of its steep paths have a chance of gaining its luminous summits (K. Marx)


  102. The boy, who was crying as if his heart would break, said, when I spoke to him, that he was very hungry, because he had had no food for two days.


  103 Some fishing boats were becalmed just in front of us. Their shadows slept, or almost slept, upon the water, a gentle quivering alone showing that it was not complete sleep, or if sleep, then it was sleep with dreams.


  104 Bushing throngs, blinded by the darkness and the smoke, rushed up on a street and down the next, trampling the fallen in a crazy fruitless dash toward safety. (Robert Silverbergy)


  105. They left me at the gate, not easily or lightly; -- and it was a strange sight to me to see the cart go on, taking Paggoty away, and leaving me under the elm tree looking at the house in which there was no face to look at me with love or liking any more. (David Copperfield)


  106. I felt like a detective who realizes that he has all the necessary information for the discovery of a murderer, but can not select from the mass of material at his disposal the significant facts that will piece themselves together to form the solution.


  107. It (New York) has the poorest millionaires. the littlest great men, the haughtiest beggars, the plainest beauties, the lowest skyscrapers, the dolefulest pleasures of any town I ever saw. (O. Henry)


  108. The idea of political and social equality, which we saw coming into the world as an extreme and almost incredible idea in the age of emperors and lords, was later asserted by bourgeois democracy, but never put into practice before the dawn of socialist system.


  109. A man who is always going to law against his neighbours is not likely to pay off his debts. Nor can a man pay off his debt if he is kind-hearted enough to lend money to his sister who has married a poor man and has eight babies.


  110. Notwithstanding Miss Pross denial of her own imagination, there was a perception of the pain of being monotonously haunted by one sad idea, in her repetition of the phrase, "walking up and down", which testified to her possessing such a thing. (Charles Dickens: "A Tale of Two Cities")


  111. "The Tempest" is one of the most original and perfect of Shakespeare's production, and he has shown in it all the variety of his powers. It is full of grace and grandeur. The human and imaginary characters the dramatic and grotesque are blended together with the greatest art, and without any appearance. (Hezlet)


  112. Before the talks started, the two sides reached an understanding on confidentiality of the contents of the talks. Now, without prior consultations with the Chinese side, the British side had published in the White Paper entitled Representative Government in Hong Kong, by which it has unilaterally released the contents of the talks, and in which it has distorted and attacked China's position. This move of Britain was designed to shirk its responsibility for the rupture of the talks. The Chinese side therefore cannot but bring to light the facts in order to help people know the truth.


  113. During the first three rounds of the talks, the Chinese side made it plain that as the two sides had agreed upon the three principles as the basis for the talks, it believed it is important for the British side to first of all confirm the agreements and understandings previously reached between the two sides, for this was the only way to enable the talks to move on the right track. If it was reluctant to do so and wanted to amend or overturn them, then it would be impossible to ensure compliance of future agreements.


  114. From the time when our caveman ancestors gnawed their wild pig bones in front of their smoking fire to our own days when we sit around a table spread with snowy linen and shining silver, we have the history of the change in eating habits from the simple satisfaction of hunger to the meal as a delightful, if rather complex, social institution.


  115. A glance was sufficient to inform the eye that was Susan Hen Chard's grown-up daughter. While life's middle summer had set its hardening mark on the mother's face, her former spring-like specialities were transferred so dexterously by time to the second figure, her child, that the absence of certain facts within her mother's knowledge from the girl's mind would have seemed for the moment, to one reflecting on those facts to be a curious imperfection in Nature's power of continuity. (Thomas Hardy: "The Mayor of Casterbridge")

  [参考译文]只要瞥一眼就能看出这是苏珊.亨.察德已届豆蔻年华的女儿,当生命的仲夏在母亲的脸庞上留下冷酷的印记,而母亲早年春天般的少女风韵又被“时光”如此巧妙地传递给另一血肉之躯---她的女儿身上,以致母亲所知道的一些家庭隐私,女儿反而茫然 ,这对知道那些内情的人来说,似乎自然的遗传仍有其奇特的缺陷。

  116. In a statement before the vote, Chinese Ambassador Sha Zukang said that this was the U. S’s 11th unsuccessful attempt of anti-China bid and if the ridiculous logic of the United States --- which said the human rights situation in China “backslid sharply” held any truth, China would have already backslid to the primitive stage.


  117. The United States has turned the sessions of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights into an arena for political confrontation by tabling these anti-China bids, which have poisoned international relations, sabotaged international co-operation in the field of human rights, and run against the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

  [参考译文]美国提出****提案,在联合国****大会上搞政治对抗,这一切违背了联合国宪章所提出的各项原则, 损害了国际关系,破坏****领域里的国际合作。

  118. The United States, which has always labeled itself as the guardian of international human rights, has violated human rights and committed serious crimes to Iraqi people by injuring and killing thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, causing chaos and poverty in Iraq. Enraged by the maltreatment event of Iraqi war prisoners (prisoner abuse) which occurred last week and unveiled U.S’s real nature, they walked to street and shouted “Liberator is cruder than tyrant.”


  119. What the New Yorker would find missing is what many outsiders find oppressive and distasteful about New York---its rawness, tension, urgency; its bracing competitiveness; the rigor of its judgment; and the congested, democratic presence of so many other New Yorkers encased in their own world.


  120. Article I of the GATT is the celebrated most favored nation clause under which each member nation must give treatment to other member nations’ imports and exports that is at least as favorable as that applied to the most favored nation.


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